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This is our section dedicated to health and wellness with the goal of becoming the best version of yourself!


  1. Health & Excerise

    When recovering from discontinuation syndrome/withdrawal your body is trying to return to homeostasis. Exercise is a crucial part of that process. Talk about anything health and Exercise related here.

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  2. Self-Help and Goal Setting

    A place to share goal setting and self-help ideas and support. Also, check out this free self-help resource:  Psychological Self-Help by Dr. Clay Tucker-Ladd.

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  3. Motivation

    Heard or found something online that motivated you to become the best version of yourself? Share it here!

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  4. Supplements

    To speed up the healing process as well as getting the proper nutrition, supplements can be an essential tool in your recovery. Talk about all supplements, mushrooms and herbs here.

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  5. The Microbiome

    The microbiome is essential for human development, immunity and nutrition. This spot is for all microbiome as well as probiotic related discussion.

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